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IPv4 Generator
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  • IPv4 Generator Demo -  
        ЂDemoї version has the same functionality as the ЂFullї version except the following:
        Does not provide record / save the list of imported ranges in a file *. ipl
        Does not provide download list from a file *. ipl
        The number of imported ranges from a file or the clipboard is limited to ten ranges, import from
        *.csv file is not provided.
        It is possible to save only the first 10 ... 20 addresses from each range
        (as a result of the program may save in files up to 200 IP addresses, depending on the number of addresses in each range).
        Generating step is limited by two steps.

  • End User License Agreement -   license.zip

  • Downloads -
        Zh Tools IPv4 Generator Demo   ipgentooldemo.zip   ( 207 Kb )  including documentation (MHT format-Web Archive).
        Download documentation (RTF) ipgentoolrtf.zip   ( 507 Kb )
        Download documentation (PDF) ipgentoolpdf.zip   ( 608 Kb )

        Redistributable Package (x86)
        Redistributable Package (x64)

  • IPv4 Generator Full -  
        Full version IPv4 Generator

  • Ordering information -  
        Ways to Order:
        Subject - IPv4 Generator
        Price:     $15 USA

  • Payment Terms -  
        All orders must be prepaid in US currency by:
        WebMoney transfer system.  (http://www.wmtransfer.com/eng/)
        ItТs possible to accept the payment with using the on-line system WebMoney.
        The acceptable currencies are
        1. WMZ (U$D account), number of the purse - Z363771578449
        Check the possibility to make the payment in your location through WebMoneyGeo service.
        Technical support is provided at the specified email address.
  • ZhTools IPv4 Generator Ц general information 
        IPv4 Generator is a powerful utility that enables you to extract IP Address ranges from text-based files on your
        computer for any IP Address based on an IP self or network mask and help you to generate lists of IP
        addresses.The following examples are valid masks for extract IP Address ranges: Ц ( -    У0.0.0.0Ф,Ф255.255.255.255Ф (CSV)
        Screenshoot: (click image то enlage)
    —криншот ZhTools IPv4 Generator

        IPv4 Generator provides:
  • Extracting IP Address ranges from *.txt , *.csv, *.db files .
  • Extracting IP Address ranges using custom filters and search operators.
        Custom filters (Join/ Contain) allow you the flexibility to search for IP Address ranges using search operators (And/Or).
        Location and number of IP Address ranges in the strings of the source file can be arbitrary,
        extract ranges possible for countries, cities, service providers, email, etc. or any other substrings.
        Examples of databases to search for and receiving ranges:
  • Cutting of large source files into parts with the number of lines in each of the 100 to 950 000 in increments of choice 50000.
  • Removing duplicated IP ranges and filter out all subranges.
  • Saving/loading list of IP addresses to/from a *.ipl file.
  • Counting number of IP addresses in the marked ranges and forecast the total size
        of the files with lists of addresses for a given step of the generation.
  • Generation of IP addresses from all marked in the list of ranges with a given step (from 1 to 255)
        and the total number of 1 to 4'294'967'296 (range
  • Saving lists of generated IP addresses like the text files with a customizable number of rows and sort order.
  • Adding a pre-chosen port to each address (in the format, optional)
  • Displaying the general information in the log window.
  • Changing the language interface, all messages in the information line and the field log.
  • Starting and work on removable media.
  • Automatic selection algorithm of the program, depending on the size of the source file,
        free space on your hard drive and the amount of free memory in the system.

  • Pv4 Generator already comes in executable form, there is no installer so you can just unpack the zip and run the ip_gen.exe file.
        It does not make any entry to your registry, does not contain any adware/spyware modules.

        Minimum system requirements:
  • Windows XP SP3 , Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Display resolution Ц 800х600

  • ZhTools IPv4 Generator - IP Address Generator    *    ZhTools - http://zhtools.chez.com    *    ZhTools IPv4 Generator - IP Address Generator